And you believed your music can't sound better ...
Guess again! These days we have the Enhancer

Version 0.17 (20/Oct/2001)
Click to Download What's new ? Well... better volume control, better treble, added reverb, added load/save presets feature, added help file, skinable, dockable, hideable, minimizeable and a few other things... What can I say ? It's almost a different program, certainly a better one. It is designed to work on Windows 95/98/2000/ME/NT/XP, a CPU better than Pentium 233 and of course, Winamp 2.xx.
You can download for free this plugin (81Ko).
If you feel there is something that could be improved (maybe a feature needing to be added), you can write me at iosca@mail.dnttm.ro.

Don't forget to check these nice skins for Enhancer ;o))

Version 0.15 (20/Apr/2001)
Click to Download Finally, after one year of working, a new version of this prog has come out :) What this program does ? Extreme Low & High frequencies and some easy Wide stereo with virtually NO DISTORSION. It works on Windows 95/98/2000/ME/NT/XP and you will need a CPU better than Pentium 166 and of course, Winamp 2.xx.
Click here if you want to download this plugin (100Ko).

Version 0.14 (16/Dec/1999)
Click to Download This plugin is for those who want bass, much more bass when they listen to music...Of course... i haven't forgotten high frequencies... And yes, i'd almost forgotten, a little 3d... It works for several types of music and it requires a Pentium 166 or better (plus winamp 2.xx or a better version). I believe that this program lays a very good emphasis on low frequencies. If you have a good sound board and a quality audio system, the program will certainly show off its strenghts... If you want to try it, you can download it from here(95ko). It is free.

I will take no responsability for any damage or loss of data resulting from the use or misuse of this program.
You are using it at your own risk.